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It's too good173 viewsThis sunset was so good, that it deserved a second picture.55555
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Concarno386 viewsYeah, it's drasticly out of focus, but it kinda...exactly actually....represents how I felt walking through this town. It's a very odd combination of ancient arcuitecture (including a fort), and new technology like neon signs. It was very clean, and inside the fort (where this picture was taken) was really cool. Anyway, after sailing for (15 hours?) we were all a little off, so this picture is kind of how we (or I anyway) felt. Like everything was in slow motion.44444
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The Hooded Master170 viewsMy dad spends some time at the wheel while the chief tidal tactition stays nearby to answer any questions about "tidal emergencies" (for those who don't know, the tides along the Brittany coast of France rise and fall 15 METERS each cycle).44444
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Rum!128 viewsRum punches were never far away once we had secured the boat for the day.33333
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Taking a Break166 viewsI take a break and soak up some rays. Don't ask me what that goofy expresion is on my face because I don't know. Maybe I just ate a lemon wedge or something.22222
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At The Helm325 viewsThis was a sweet part of the sail where we had a long broad reach and huge 15 foot rollers going under us. The troughs of the waves were big enough that the horizon would dissapear behind the wave and we would be surreounded by two big "hills" of water. Very cool.00000
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