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Look Ma... no hands...194 viewsI mean no gloves...
Lucky Lady113 viewsQueen Bee in the middle with the "bald thorax"
Long Live the Queen102 viewsZoomed out shot of the queen bee.... gives a nice impression of all the bee activity...
Bee Ingot98 viewsIf only bees could make gold too...
SCORE!!!!97 viewsBehind the white wax is honey....
JTB Makin Honey88 viewsNotice the blures of gold in the picture... this pic was shot with 50 ISO slide film... so this was a hand held shot probably at 1/15 of a second... those bees are moving fast, and luckilyt the sun light was striking them so they showed up on the film as motion blurs.
Busy Bees86 viewsBlured action give a good impression of all the energy...
JTB and Mac - Smokin85 viewsJust as a precaution, setting up the smoke to calm the bees.
More Busy Bees82 viewsDue to the motion of the bees... the heads are more in "focus"... making all the pairs of eyes stand out more....
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