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Future Sailors262 viewsOn our way back into La Trinite we saw this long row of little boats. These kids were super young but sailing along in their little sailboats. You could hear them all laughing and screaming at eachother from pretty far away. It was east to tell that they were all having a pretty good time.May 19, 2004
Foraging161 viewsBack on the boat, Eric and I foraged for Twix while the unsuspecting crew slumbered up above.May 19, 2004
Concarno386 viewsYeah, it's drasticly out of focus, but it kinda...exactly actually....represents how I felt walking through this town. It's a very odd combination of ancient arcuitecture (including a fort), and new technology like neon signs. It was very clean, and inside the fort (where this picture was taken) was really cool. Anyway, after sailing for (15 hours?) we were all a little off, so this picture is kind of how we (or I anyway) felt. Like everything was in slow motion.May 19, 2004
It's too good173 viewsThis sunset was so good, that it deserved a second picture.May 19, 2004
Sunrise to Sunset291 viewsThis whole day was sailed from sunrise to sunset, and both ends of the day treated us with AMAZING skys.May 19, 2004
Nature Calls123 views...Sometimes you just gotta go. Unfortunatly there's also usually a camera there for someone to take a picture.May 19, 2004
At The Helm325 viewsThis was a sweet part of the sail where we had a long broad reach and huge 15 foot rollers going under us. The troughs of the waves were big enough that the horizon would dissapear behind the wave and we would be surreounded by two big "hills" of water. Very cool.May 19, 2004
Good Sailing144 viewsSome of the best sailing of the trip is captured in this image.May 19, 2004
Sunrise132 viewsThis is the start of a fantastic sunrise.May 19, 2004
Sunrise131 viewsSometimes you hate to get up before the sun rises. Then there's times that you see something like this and you can't imagine wanting to be anywhere else at that moment.May 19, 2004
Navigation138 viewsThis was the navigation section, where we would plot our courses from. You can see the radar, GPS chartplotter, electrical panel, and radio in this pic.May 19, 2004
Chaos in the kitchen153 viewsThe dinners on this trip were sweet. Here we are all packed into the kitchen making a supper.May 19, 2004
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