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View from the Eiffel Tower155 views10/26/10 at 03:29Andrew: Down there is where I had by first (and last) Krog...
View from the Eiffel Tower159 views10/26/10 at 03:28Andrew: Two boats know something the third doesn't and...
Eiffel Tower156 views10/26/10 at 03:27Andrew: You kinda just have to...right? Can'
Chatou - The Seine149 views10/26/10 at 03:25Andrew: Three Men in a Boat (Tosay nothing of the dog). D...
Ingrid in the Mirror163 viewsOur first night in Paris, at Mirna's favorite steak and frites restaurant (the ONLY thing they serve, with a special sauce). It was very good.10/26/10 at 03:21Andrew: Steak Frites is AWESOME!
Notre Dame - South Tower gargolye and rainbow147 viewsAnd after we went in to see one of the bells in the south tower, a rainbow had appeared. It was all rather incredible; my cathedral "luck" still holding strong!10/26/10 at 03:14Andrew: I prefer to think of it as a multi-colored laser c...
Notre Dame - view of Paris148 views10/26/10 at 03:13Andrew: It's goin' rain!
Notre Dame - view of Paris171 views10/26/10 at 03:12Andrew: It looks like a double-exposure the way the distan...
Tuilleries156 viewsVery ordered trees!10/26/10 at 03:11Andrew: This is a rare occasion where I think the image wo...
Tuilleries170 viewsLooking back towards the Louvre.10/26/10 at 03:09Andrew: I like the low-to-the-ground perspective.
Notre Dame - North Tower gargoyle 164 views10/26/10 at 03:08Andrew: Ooh, someone else gave this a 5 too!
Notre Dame145 viewsIncense - taken during Mass.10/26/10 at 03:06Andrew: I thought it was an earthquake or collapse until I...
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