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Tipped Out155 viewsCicadas know how to do four things: 1 - Fly, 2 - Make Babies, 3 - act like a worm when under ground, and their most useful tallent: 4 - finding the ends of twigs or branches. This is important for knowing when to stop crawling before crawling out of their skin, and more importantly the ends of "living" branches is where they lay their eggs....
Bricked Out121 viewsWell... in the modern landscape... some cicada larva find themselves crawling across alien surfaces... after 17 years, they probably just loose all patience while hunting for a nice twig to chill out on and just crack out of their shell when they get tired of walking around in the dark... There is already enought competition out there... SOO.... JUST DON'T TELL THE LADY CICADIES... don't want to have any reason for them to say... NO!!!!
Party Time122 viewsAs a Cicada, one is never far from friends. Common "Tip Out" party games are "First to Crack out of the Shell", "Highest Climber", and "Play Chicken with the Sun Rise". Recent generations have started practicing hazing, some typical techniques involve "Crossing the Road", "Fly out in the open.. ALONE", and the worst "Land in the Playground".
Cicada Butterfly Picture127 viewsThe humble cicade stretches it's wings for the first time...
First Wing Beats122 viewsWell not really, one I saw it was beating it's wings... I had to get the strobe on my flash working... it was beating it's wings for a while...
CHIPOTLE CICADA104 viewsSelf explanatory!... if you don't know... your just lost!
The Volunteer85 viewsAlas someone had to do it.... FOR SCALE!!!!

These things were falling out of the trees like rain and crawling across the ground like the invasion of the ... whatever... you know what I mean...
D-Day86 views
Hey! Stop looking at me!!!!96 viewsWeirdo.... I'll kick your ass... tomorrow... I have a lot of friends buddy... don't mess with me...

God... I feel so stupid!
Classic Cicada78 viewsSuccessful exit... now to dry out for a few hours... stiffen up those wings
Alien Abduction132 viewsWhat the hell is that bright light.... guys? GUYS!!!!!!!!!!???!?!??!?!!!
Sick dude... totally sick...80 views
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