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Default Night132 viewsWell, as long as I'm out here, I might as well take this picture too.
Fireworks161 viewsHey, are those fireworks over there? I think they are! Lucky me, I just happen to have a camera here to catch the action. Had to shoot through the trees for this one (ground display).
SmokeTwo157 viewsAnother shot of the moon on the water via a long exposure.
SmokeOne150 viewsThe moon reflecting off the water in the pond. Pretty breezy, so the light is really scattered.
Dive Gauge162 viewsI always spell guage...I mean gauge, wrong the first time. Just another artsy shot with the sun behind a dive gauge (got it right that time). Kinda neat.

Some have said it looks like a candle too.
Charlotte?149 viewsThis would've been better if the web hadn't been blowing around so much. It's not as in focus as it could be.
Canoe155 viewsThe forgotten canoe waits for someone to come take it out of the reeds and play with it again.
Book185 viewsI didn't get the chance to get the shot I really wanted because the battery went dead on the camera, but this is very close. The only thing I would like to be different is for the bowl of grapes in the background to be a little more exposed, and a little wider of a shot (to include more of the grapes), You can't really tell (or even guess) what that "red stuff" behind the book is.
Swamped164 viewsChanged this pic to black and white, seemed to look better that way.
Car Mirror165 viewsTook this from a moving car. It's exactly the thing I was looking for and maybe one of the first times that I adjusted my camera to achieve the exact effect I intended.

I don't know why but I like it.
LiteBright153 views2 pictures taken at about 2:00 in the morning, stitched together in PhotoShop to simulate what it looked like (unable to capture it in a single picture).
Footsteps164 viewsAnother 30 second exposure. Minor levels adjustments in Photoshop to remove some of the blue in the original. If you look at some of the branches you can see how they were moving. It was COLD and WINDY!
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